What We Do
Why Choose Us

If it lights ups, plugs in, beeps or bloops we probably support it.

What plugs in, lights ups, beeps or bloops that you don't support?
Children's toys
Electric cars (although everybody here wants to try driving a Tesla)

What do you support?
Seriously, everything.

You support Computers and laptops?

Of course.  Both hardware and software issues. Virus removal, blue screens, slow internet, even if you dropped your laptop into the bath (yes this happened). 

How about servers?
Full support for all makes and models of Servers, Active Directory, Exchange, SBS, IIS and everything else you can think of.

Do you support Macs or Linux?

Yes and yes.

What about networks and infrastructure?
Every make model and type of switch, router and firewall all are supported. 

How about wiring?
Yep, we have a wiring team as well.  Doesn't matter if it is two cables or two thousand, we have one of the best teams around.

Phone systems?

Both VOIP and PBX are covered.  If you need a new system, or have an older system that needs to be supported or repaired, we have the people to do that too.

Can you help with remote employees or if I want to open a second location?

We can set that up, support an existing setup or improve your current setup.  Depending on your business's specific needs there are an unbelievable number of options that are available.  We will demystify them and discuss which ones would be best for your business. 

How are you able to offer so many services?
We have spent decades working in Information Technology, and specifically in very large, well funded environments. This vast exposure to so many aspects of technology allows us to understand and resolve issues on most major system.  Additionally in that time we have forged many strong friendships and partnerships with some of the best companies on Long Island.  We can leverage these relationships to utilize specialists within specific disciplines to provide skill supplementation when we need a higher level of expertise.  But because of the relationships we have, there is no additional cost to you and all personnel and work is held to the high standards our clients have come to expect from My IT Department.

My child beeps and bloops, will you babysit?
If your child also lights up, we can recommend a great pediatrician.  But that is about as much as we can do with that one.