What We Do
Why Choose Us

Our underlying philosophies are what truly differentiate us from the other support companies out there.

The dirty little secret of the IT world is that once you become a reseller for any hardware or software, you must maintain a minimum level of sales to continue as a reseller.  My IT Department sees this as a conflict of interest. The choice to not align ourselves with any one hardware manufacturer means less revenue for us, but it also means less worry for you.  If one of our engineers recommends hardware to you, you can be assured the recommendation is for the benefit of your company and not because we need to meet a quota. 

If an IT services company supports companies much larger than yours then you can never be their priority.  Additionally the solutions that are used for larger companies are generally more capital intensive then what a small business would need. Capital intensive = expensive.
Would you buy a huge bus if a mini van would perform the job?  Then don't use a company designed to support large companies when a company that is designed to support your size company is here is assist you.

From the owner down, there is only one non-technical person on the My IT Department team, and she handles our back office and invoicing.  No employee receives any commissions or incentives to "sell" anything.  We do offer incentives for great customer service and happy clients. 

This one is important for two reasons.  The first is that if a business advertises, someone has to pay for those advertisements.  You are someone.  We don't spend money on fancy offices, advertisements, flashy banners or flyers. We keep our costs low so that we can keep your costs low.

The second is because our business depends on referrals.  As a business if you do not stand out, you do not get referrals.  Our success is entirely tied to your satisfaction with our work and not the circulation of a newspaper or the click through rate on an Ad Words campaign.   

Does your IT service provider post their rates on their website?  Are they as simple or straight forward as ours? If they can't clearly and openly explain something as simple as their prices, how do you expect them to communicate technical information in a way that you can understand?